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Your Wedding Florist

Advice from Patricia Irwin at Ring O’ Roses Wedding Florist in Limerick.

So you’re getting married , Congratulations!

Every wedding needs a florist , regardless of it’s simplicity, elegance or pure luxury , flowers make a huge impact to everything.

Patricia Irwin – Ring O’Roses Wedding Florist

Wedding décor can look beautiful in a church, hotel or other venue, just remember when you walk out of there you leave all that décor behind. Of course décor in the line of carpets, trees and large props are best hired form a décor specialist, but all other décor can be supplied by your wedding florist.

When you choose fresh flowers from your chosen florist, these are yours to either leave behind or take with you to your reception , this is a wonderful cost effective way of having what you need where you need it. The choice is yours so choose wisely.

Always remember to choose a wedding  professional , this is your special day and the suppliers you choose will reflect the time and effort you’ve put into your planning.  Choose the best and you will never look back. It will make your day so special.

As a wedding florist with more than 1500 weddings to date, My job is always to ensure the highest quality in everything from buttonholes to bouquets to large displays and everything in between. Check out my reviews online .

I’ll be very happy to meet with you and discuss your requirements while getting to know you and helping you to realise your dream.

Patricia Irwin – Contact Patricia directly on her wedding professionals page Ring O’Roses Wedding Florist

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