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    Wedding Photographer Dermot Culhanes’ Top Tips!

    Dermot Culhane Photography

    Multi Award Winning Wedding Photographer Dermot Culhane offers 8 tips for a picture-perfect wedding day

    1. When Should I Book my Photographer? 

    Dermot says. “As soon as you have your venue secured I would recommend you start your search for your photographer. Ask recently married couples for recommendations browse Instagram/Facebook and always go with the pro who inspires you! You may like to have a lot of posed images, alternatively, you might prefer to have your day documented having your photographer capture all those beautiful candid moments. So it is important to pick the photographer whose style suits your taste.”

    2. Should I Give my Photographer a Shot List?

    Dermot says; “By all means give your bridesmaid/groomsman a list of various groups they should round up on the day for those formal family group shots. But when it comes to posed photographs, etcetera, I would definitely not suggest giving a list to your photographer. Pick the right photographer and trust him/her. They will capture all the natural spontaneous moments that make your day different from the rest. That way your images will be unique and not replicas from someone else’s wedding day. Let your photographer capture your story.”

    3. Meet Your (Potential) Photographer

    Dermot says, “Don’t just book a photographer online. Narrow your photographers down to maybe three or four – then call and arrange to meet them. You’re not exactly meeting them to see their work, because you’ve seen that online. You’re meeting them to see who they are and what they’re like. It’s important to build a rapport with them. If you feel comfortable around the photographer when you meet them first, you’re definitely going to feel comfortable on the day.”

    4. Where Should the Bulk of the Budget Go?

    “I’m always going to say invest wisely when it comes to your wedding photographer. So much of your wedding day is fleeting, the cake will get eaten, the flowers will be donated and the band will have stopped playing eventually – but your wedding photos will be yours to keep forever. You owe it to yourself and future generations to have beautiful authentic images from your wedding day.”

    5. How Much Coverage? And of What Kind?

    “Something to think about is the fact that some photographers will offer coverage up until guests are seated for the meal. They arrive in the morning and they photograph up until five or six o’clock. When the bell rings, they’re gone. If you don’t have a videographer there’s still a lot left in the day.”

    Dermot also explained that if a photographer takes the bride and groom away for two hours (or even more) they “are often missing one of the best parts of the day.” He admits much of a photographers best work (in his own experience) is brought about when a bride and groom are relaxed and having fun with family and friends.

    “Speeches are an amazing part, for a photographer especially. It’s not just about who has the microphone – to me it’s about the reaction of your guests too. I’m focusing on the mic but I’m also looking at the reaction and expression of friends.”

    6. Know the Difference Between Quality and Quantity

    “Don’t fall for the photographer that’s going to give you everything. The disk of images, the parent album, the engagement shoot, and while doing it all for a low price. There’s going to be a cost. The real cost is you’re losing out on so many moments that haven’t been captured. Always emphasise going for quality first. ”

    7. Have Your Favourite Photographs Put to Print

    “Everything is digital now. I won’t say I’m old fashioned at heart, but I think when the dust has settled and you’ve paid for your photographer, it can be a little bit of an anti-climax receiving all your images in digital form. It’s really, really special to have an album, and to show family, friends and the generations these images as well.”

    8. When Should We Do Our Family Group Shots?

    “I always recommend doing the family groups after the ceremony once the church is empty (parents, siblings, grandparents, bridal party), that way once your guests go back to the hotel they can relax and enjoy the drinks reception. Chances are if you wait until you go back to the hotel to do the group shots you will spend your drinks reception looking for various family members, some might be checking in, some might stop off en route to the hotel for a drink, etc…”

    Click here to visit Dermot Culhane here on Wedding Professionals where you can contact him directly.

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    Your Wedding Florist

    Advice from Patricia Irwin at Ring O’ Roses Wedding Florist in Limerick.

    So you’re getting married , Congratulations!

    Every wedding needs a florist , regardless of it’s simplicity, elegance or pure luxury , flowers make a huge impact to everything.

    Patricia Irwin – Ring O’Roses Wedding Florist

    Wedding décor can look beautiful in a church, hotel or other venue, just remember when you walk out of there you leave all that décor behind. Of course décor in the line of carpets, trees and large props are best hired form a décor specialist, but all other décor can be supplied by your wedding florist.

    When you choose fresh flowers from your chosen florist, these are yours to either leave behind or take with you to your reception , this is a wonderful cost effective way of having what you need where you need it. The choice is yours so choose wisely.

    Always remember to choose a wedding  professional , this is your special day and the suppliers you choose will reflect the time and effort you’ve put into your planning.  Choose the best and you will never look back. It will make your day so special.

    As a wedding florist with more than 1500 weddings to date, My job is always to ensure the highest quality in everything from buttonholes to bouquets to large displays and everything in between. Check out my reviews online .

    I’ll be very happy to meet with you and discuss your requirements while getting to know you and helping you to realise your dream.

    Patricia Irwin – Contact Patricia directly on her wedding professionals page Ring O’Roses Wedding Florist

    Mobile Touch for Telephone or Email and please visit our Website

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    Weddings in Limerick

    Limerick Weddings are special. Here in the capital of the Midwest; Limerick Wedding Professionals have everything you need to plan your special wedding day. One of the first things to consider is choosing your perfect wedding venue here in Limerick. We have the finest wedding hotels to choose from in both an urban and country setting.

    Choose from only the very best 4 Star Wedding Venues in Limerick. You may be looking for the fabulous heritage setting of Adare at Fitzgerald’s Woodlands House Hotel Maybe you need that timeless perfection at the Castletroy Park Hotel, or what about the stylish and luxury at Greenhills Hotel or maybe you like to roam the grounds on the shores of the river Shannon at the Castle Oaks House Hotel. The Devon Inn Hotel is an amazing venue with a stunning setting in the heart of West Limerick for a wedding to remember, while the Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa offer you that ‘Something Blu’ along with the convenient location of being a stone’s throw from Limerick City.

    All of Wedding Professionals 4 Star Venues cater for civil ceremonies, your drinks reception, the finest wedding menu & wine, accommodation and cater to your every need. Each and every attention to detail is covered by Wedding Professionals – Wedding Venues right here in Limerick.

    Be sure to contact our Wedding Venues through their page links above by filling in the Contact Forms to make an enquiry or better again why not make an appointment to meet and chat to their specialised wedding coordinator who will be delighted to assist you in every way possible.

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    Local Wedding Hotel Venues in Limerick

    Here we have the top 4 star Wedding Venues in Limerick offering the very best wedding packages for your wedding day. These Wedding Hotels have a proven track record in providing you with your civil ceremony and your wedding reception that will make your day extra special. With Wedding Packages to suit any budget yet ensuring you receive only the very best of quality and service. Check out Limerick Wedding Professionals 4 Star Hotels here check out our wedding venues here: Castle Oaks House Hotel, Castletroy park Hotel, Woodlands House Hotel, Greenhills Hotel, Devon Inn Hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa .